Hursh Pharmacy


Offering health and beauty aids, jewelry, gifts, cards, candy, cold & cough remedies, and over-the-counter first aid products.

Medical Equipment

Need a wheelchair, scooter, or some other piece of medical equipment? We have a variety of options in stock and ready to use out of the store in some cases. We also carry and can order parts and accessories.

OTC Medications

Need to get in and out with that one item you need for your cough? Don’t know what to take for a cough? Come in to Hursh and our Pharmacist can give you a quick recommendation and get you on your way.


We carry a wide selection of back, knee, and arm braces to get you back your day to day routine.

Compression Stockings

Need stockings but don’t know where to begin? Our trained associates can measure you to make sure you get the correct fit for your needs.

Beer & wine supplies

Want to try making your own? We have starter kits for the novice, as well as more specialized ingredients for the guru!